Delivery Information

Belledorm is not directly associated with any courier service and sending goods with any courier is on BEHALF of the Seller. Belledorm does NOT accept full responsibility for loss or damage of parcels in transit.

Accepting an International carriage quotation and direct despatch from Belledorm confirms that the Seller accepts the quoted price and Belledorm's terms

Belledorm does not guarantee 100% delivery success to domestic or International destinations

For instances of failed delivery to its destination, to the correct stated address on the Purchase orders, with or without a Proof Of Delivery, through no direct fault of Belledorm's; the Seller is responsible for the complete cost of delivery if compensation is not redeemable from the courier.

For complete Terms & Conditions and Carriage Rates please log into our Customer Log in Section and view the 'Download' Section.


Please be advised that you should return any Belledorm products to the Retailer you purchased from. Belledorm does not sell any goods from Kearsley Mill direct to the public.

If however this is a confirmed return back to Belledorm Ltd please return all products properly packaged in either a carton or delivery packaging (e.g. grey sacks or brown paper) with an enclosed returns form or documentation stating the sender's Name, Address and Reason for Return. This will allow for faster processing in our Returns Department. Failure to adhere to any of the requirements will delay a response back to you.