If you’re inspired to live greener, why not try cutting your water usage at home

According to the experts at Waterwise, we use an average 150 litres of water per day domestically, but with these top tips to save water you could help cut that figure…

1. Avoid baths

Take a bath

The average bath uses 80 litres of water, so why not switch to showers? Showers use a third of the water, so you’ll be making a significant reduction. If you can’t part with your baths, you can still save water by reusing your bathwater to water the garden.

2. Take shorter showers

Woman taking a shower to save water at home

Even if you do make the switch to showers, there’s still more you can do to cut your water usage. Try limiting your showers to less than five minutes with a bathroom time. Or, if you like to listen to music in the shower, you could even try a one-song limit.

3. Shave and brush efficiently

Man shaving in the mirror

Photo by Patrick Coddou on Unsplash

A running tap uses around 6 litres a minute, so cut that wastage by turning off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth. The same goes for shaving, too, which can see your water wastage quickly add up.

4. Fix leaks and drips

A fancy toilet

Photo by Curology on Unsplash

Leaking toilets are one of the main domestic sources of water waste, with water trickling down from the cistern into the bowl. You might be able to fix the issue yourself, or call a plumber and get a complete water-efficiency once-over for all your plumbing.

5. Get a CDD

A cistern displacement device (CDD) is typically a special bag that’s put into the cistern – and it can save a whopping 5,000 litres per year per toilet. Even better is that most water companies encourage their use, meaning they give them out free!

6. Always wash a full load

Laundry hanging out to dry

Whether you’re filling up your dishwasher or your washing machine, you should always wait until you’ve got a full load before switching it on. Always opt for the ‘eco’ setting, too, which will often use less water, less energy, or both!

7. Upgrade your appliances

Washing machine showroom

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The latest kit always has the best gadgets, and that rule applies to appliances, too. When it comes to the latest eco-friendly programs and properties, new appliances are often miles ahead, so consider upgrading your white goods when you can.

8. Invest in a water butt

Water butt

Image source

We get a lot of rain here in the UK, but think of all that rainwater that goes unused! By installing a water butt, you’ll be able to collect all that rainwater and then use it to water your garden, lawn, or even houseplants inside.

9. Watch your watering

Water the garden

It might seem easier to use the garden house or sprinklers to water the garden, but these can be great wasters when it comes to water. Become more aware of how much water you’re using by sticking to the watering can.

10. Wash with a bucket

Wash car with bucket to save water at home

Many motorists also use the hose to wash their cars, too, but this is another criminal waste of water. Keep things retro by going for the bucket and sponge instead – not only will you save water you’ll also get a bit of a workout, too!

Have we missed out on any water-saving tips? Let us know in the comments…