Caring For Your Linens

Belledorm Guarantee

We offer the following guarantees on our product ranges:

  • Duvets and Toppers – Hotel Suite and Silk – 5 years
  • Pillows – Hotel Suite and Silk – 2 years
  • Bed Linen – Under normal conditions of domestic use our bedlinen is guaranteed for 7 years

The guarantee covers you against faulty workmanship during manufacture. This includes:

  • Holes or fabric flaws
  • Loose stitching
  • Filling coming out of casing
  • Clumping of filling

The guarantee does NOT cover the following:

  • Damage caused by abuse or wear and tear that is deemed beyond normal for domestic use
  • If animals have been allowed to use the product whether it be to sleep on or walk over.
  • Accidental damage-this could be covered by general household insurance
  • Failure to follow care instructions supplied.
  • Deliberate damage

To claim on this guarantee we will require Proof of Purchase.


Washing tips


If you want to keep that same fresh, crisp and immaculate look on the first day you bought it, you have to look after your bedding. This includes how you wash it, dry it, handle it and use it.


Much of today’s bedding has durability in mind when it is manufactured, the rigours of modern households usually means that use and wash cycles are very frequent. This puts a strain on the construction or weave of the product as well as its colour fastness. Over time, repeated use and washing will deteriorate, wear down and fade the feel, handle and overall appearance of the bedding.


Thus the importance of choosing the correct linen suitable for your needs and requirements.


Belledorm produce a wide range of plain dye bed linen, consisting of: 150 Thread Count Polycotton, 200 Thread Count Polycotton, 200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton, 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton, 450 Thread Count Pima Cotton, 540 Thread Count Satin Stripe Egyptian Cotton and 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton!


As you will see from our glossary of terms, the increase in Thread count relate to an increase in quality and in cost. At the same time, it also relates to the level of care and maintenance that each linen requires.


For example, a 150 Count Polycotton fitted sheet can withstand many washes, be changed over regularly and tumble dried or line dried without any major deterioration. The polyester in the weave makes it easy to iron, holds deep colours well and generally be more robust in a domestic environment with regular washing.


Now if you compare this against a 400 Count Egyptian Cotton, you will see that the linen is softer, almost silky in feel with a lustrous shine from the surface of the fabric. This linen is delicate and to an extent quite fragile, the fact that it is genuine Egyptian Cotton with a single ply weave means that greater care has to be taken to elongate its life span.


Belledorm always advises its customers to read and follow the washcare instructions which can be found on the packaging and the washcare labels sewn into every product


For Plain Dyed bed linen (Polycotton and 100% Cotton):

  • Wash at 40 Degrees
  • Do not Bleach
  • Tumble dry at medium heat
  • Iron at low to medium heat
  • Do not dry clean

For Egyptian Cotton and Pima Cotton ranges Belledorm advise:

  • Line dry instead of tumble drying as high drying heat can damage Egyptian cotton fibres
  • To make ironing easier, iron whilst damp and fold flat when storing in the airing cupboard
  • Do not wash Egyptian Cotton with Fabric softeners, the chemicals present can deteriorate the strength and durability of fine long staple Egyptian Cotton fibres
  • Do not wash with polycotton or other synthetic fibres e.g. Nylon or 100% Polyester
  • Try not to wear bed clothing with high synthetic fibre content eg Nylon or 100% Polyester, when sleeping on Egyptian Cotton (usually higher thread counts)

Belledorm prides itself on high standards of quality. If at any time you are unsatisfied with your product please contact us and let us know your issues. We always listen to our customers and do all we can to improve our products